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Namaste Mr. Norgay

It is my heartfelt wish and true intention that this Blog engender insight into the way we define our relationship with all species and inspires us to honor our responsibility to protect and provide for those most dependent upon our benevolence.

Tenzing Norgay is a Spirit of compassion and loyalty mixed with a playful mischievous wonder for all things and I intend to honor his Spirit here.

Beloved Tenzing Norgay,

Almost ten months have passed since I’ve seen you and what I’ve learned about the human animal relationship has become a precious and invaluable lesson for which I will always be eternally grateful. You are a masterful teacher and I am forever your faithful student.

The mistakes I made and the suffering you experienced because of them, are rooted in a lack of faith and confidence in my own true nature and misplaced trust. I see now, how you tried to show me this deficit within myself each and every day we were together.

I don’t know what else to do Tenzing, I’ve tried everything I can think of to find out where you are and still no definitive answers are available because the people I mistakenly trusted to care for you simply refuse to be forthcoming.

I do know this journey, this pursuit of you has motivated a few people to consider the precious nature of the relationship between human and animal and it is your life that has made this possible, the value of your life is immeasurable.

I pray everyday that you are safe, loved and joyful wherever you are.  I pray everyday that I will someday feel your silky soft fur beneath my hand and watch you romp through the forest like the Wolf that you are.

If you’ve left your physical form then I will take refuge in knowing this:

Your Spirit, the essence of you is now part of this paradox of life

A mixing of elements with no rational explanation

The alchemy of love and the pursuit of happiness

The breath of life.

I love you Tenzing Norgay, in my most imperfect and humble way.


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Statistically Speaking . . .

An American Soldier in Operation Iraqi Freedom, Operation New Dawn or Operation Enduring Freedom has a better chance of survival than a Dog living in the United States of America, statistically speaking . . .

The combined estimated annual number of murders, rapes, children dying from neglect and or abuse along with the total number of US casualties and wounded in action from Operation Iraqi Freedom, Operation New Dawn and Operation Enduring Freedom is exceedingly less than half the number of dogs euthanized annually by Animal Shelters in the United States of America.

“The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.”  Mahatma Gandhi


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From where I sit

As I stated in the last post The Relativity of Reality,  Pursuing Tenzing Norgay is about how we define our relationship with those most dependent upon our benevolence, those without a voice, those whose rights we establish by virtue of our humanity.  Those we commonly call our best friends aka Dogs.

The crux of this situation revolves around the events that transpired after Tenzings adoption. Because the people who adopted Tenzing have refused to communicate with me (as per our verbal agreement at the time of the adoption) about Tenzings welfare for almost 8 months the question arises, are they Dog-Flippers?

What is a Dog-Flipper? A person or persons who misrepresent their motives in the process of obtaining a Dog from an individual, family, shelter or rescue organization with the intent and purpose of selling the dog for profit aka people who traffic in Dogs.

From where I sit, Dog-Flipping is an abuse of our domesticated dependents. It exist because of our chosen ideology and reveals the way we betray our own humanity. How we define the rights of those most dependent upon us gives meaning to our humanity.  Our domesticated animals are our responsibility by choice, the way in which we provide for our domesticated animals, influences the character of our civility and the level to which we cultivate compassion in our society.

If we accept this exploitation of those most dependent upon our benevolence as common behavior then we accept the concept of profit at the expense of those less fortunate than ourselves.  We consent to and demand a supply of domestic dependents to provide resource for our potential profit which results in a surplus of unwanted dependents/pets.

This surplus diminishes their value and creates the overpopulation of unwanted pets in our Animal Shelters, Rescue Organizations and Humane societies.  We choose to dispose of our surplus pets (as if they were nothing more than disposable assets) which eventually stimulates the potential for greater profit via supply and demand.  This surplus of unwanted pets is representative of our cultural ideology. We have created the environment in which Dog-Flippers thrive. Ultimately, we betray the loyalty of  our best friends and our own humanity.

I don’t know what the solution or answer is, however, I do know if we begin the conversation in earnest without seeking someone or some agency to blame, but rather give our voice, our authority to those who need it the most, our domestic dependents our best friends, we will as a community heal our self-inflicted wounds. There is value in Loyalty beyond the potential for profit. We can learn from out mistakes.

Compassion trusts no boundary set by those who would clip her wings and cage her heart. I know this truth because I learned it from the deft teachings of a Wolf-Dog named Tenzing Norgay.

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The Relativity of Reality

The anonymous commenter who submitted “In defense & the REAL STORY…..” on the Where is Tenzing Norgay page has misrepresented (I’m being diplomatic here) the facts in what is perhaps best referred to as the collective reality of the real story.

The anonymous commenter states “they cannot respond even if (~) wanted to pending the restraining order currently in place”.

That’s a pretty serious accusation in my book so I contacted (~) County District and Superior Courts today and there are no records of a Harassment or Restraining Order filed or in place against me. I also contacted the (~) County District Court (the clerk there informed me it was unnecessary to contact Superior Court) and there are no records of a Harassment or Restraining order filed or in place against me.

Perhaps the anonymous commenter is misinformed.

The anonymous commenter states “(~) not responding because (~) has already told this person what has happen, and does not believe (~), Why??? I don’t know, short of digging up the dogs corpse… Which is disturbing”.

(~) nor any of (~) family members have at anytime informed me of Tenzing Norgays death.

Perhaps the anonymous commenter is misinformed.

Today I spoke with the (~) County Animal Control Officer of record in this case who informed me that at no time during any communication with (~) was Tenzing Norgays death mentioned, we had the dog for a few days in the summer and he took off is all that was said.

Perhaps the anonymous commenter is misinformed.

It seems (~) and (~) family refrain from informing any Law Enforcement Officials of Tenzing Norgays death.  It could be that giving that information to a legal authority would necessitate verification. I don’t know, we shall see.

The anonymous commenter stated “(~) has 100’s of hour of Volunteer Work at the Humane Society, where I met(~)”.

I spoke with an official at the (~) County Animal Shelter/Humane Society today and they have no record of (~) as a volunteer. I asked if there was any other Animal Shelter or Humane Society in (~) County and was told, were it.

Perhaps the anonymous commenter is misinformed.

Pursuing Tenzing Norgay is about more than my wish to assure Tenzings safety or know what has become of him.  Pursuing Tenzing Norgay is about how we define our relationship with those most dependent upon our benevolence, those without a voice, those whose rights we establish by virtue of our humanity, those commonly called Dogs aka ‘mans best friend’.

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Truth comment

Please read the comment  – Truth – on the Flipping Mad post . . .

I have no idea who left this comment, I did send an email requesting their name and how it is they have this information.  I really don’t understand why someone would withhold this information for 8 months and I don’t understand how withholding it somehow prevents my feelings from being hurt.

To whoever left this comment:  By withholding your name, contact information and where you obtained this ‘truth’ that Tenzing Norgay is dead and how he died, you give me no reason to believe your ‘truth.  What I do have reason to believe is this:

Your comment is insensitive, inconsiderate and spiteful.

Is this comment from the people who adopted Tenzing? I think its reasonable to believe it is. Should I believe the comment is true, that Tenzing Norgay is dead?  Does it make sense these people would withhold this information for 8 months?

What do you think?

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Difficult to fathom . . .

The 17th of January 2011 has passed and still no word from the people that adopted Tenzing . . .

I mailed the  request for information letters this morning via US Postal Service, certified of course . . .

A few minutes ago I received the following information via an email from the Animal Control agency attempting to contact the person that adopted Tenzing regarding his whereabouts:

“The person called 01/09/11 (on my voicemail after I requested the person call the main line since I would be gone). The person said they had gotten Tenzing earlier in the year, he jumped the fence, and that was it, they had not seen him since.”

This information is rather difficult for me to fathom, rather difficult indeed.

Why would someone choose to withhold this information for 8 months and 9 days?

UPDATE March 1, 2011

All three Certified letters requesting information regarding Tenzing Norgay were returned to me, Unclaimed. The US Postal Service attempted delivery 4 times.

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