Where is Tenzing Norgay ???


Where is Tenzing Norgay???

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19 Responses to Where is Tenzing Norgay ???

  1. Kat says:

    i had a similar experience in that i had to move and i had a very high content wolfdog. i did not try to rehome her because i was fighting to keep her with me. we had a chance to move to a sanctuary together but that was not meant to be due to legalities i was unaware of while trying to cross the border. i ended up homeless, no car, no way to work and walking in the rain daily while we lived in a van and my friends tried to keep me fed etc. i made it to the sanctuary after i had to put my beloved friend down. it was the hardest decision i have ever had to make but my life was on the line. i was becoming so stressed and she sensed this so she started to challenge me in the van. even the breeder i bought her from refused to take her back and has spread lies about me on her website. she has no idea what i went through to save my girl and all the wonderful people who helped me in my time of need including a no kill shelter that took my girl temporarily and gave her back to me. it just wasn’t enough. the reason i am writing this to you is because of your story and your compassion and your words!
    my fourlegged companion was my shaman, my soulmate and most of all my teacher! our two and one half years together were too short but amazing and she lives on in my heart. Your story reminds me to rise above other peoples crazymaking and find love in my heart after all. my girl taught me to remain calm in the face of adversity and the unseen. sometimes i have trouble remembering this lesson now that she is gone. stories like yours remind me why i intend to create an educational sanctuary. wolves and wolfdogs are teachers! i hope you find peace and also learn what happened to your beloved friend.

  2. Martina says:

    i wander !? if you could email to your same friend and her same emaill address about giving up another dog but don’t use your same email or name ,just maybe you can set (~) up,,agian meet some were not you, a friend ,saying (~) bring dog and no one shows up,get number from (~) by email saying ,i like your cell number incase i run late,,you be in a car watching from close by ,and you follow (~), see were (~) lives write down car lissons, yah (~) found out about you looking for a home for your dog do the samething but use different name and , i wish you the best (~) parents still might have the dog ,i wouldn’t be serprized if (~) has your dog! properly just said they don’t have the dog so you stop calling ,,find (~) i shore yourll find your dog,, advertize wolf and husky mix ,sence they seem to like high breed wolf mix, take this off your post so hopefully (~) don’t see it, i wish you the best of luck and don’t give up,,i gave a dog away meny years ago ,and have always regret it , but she did get a good loveing home , i have two sharpeis ,and love them dearly and have not givin a dog away sence ,,its to painfull, i had a wolf- husky mix ,lost him to cancer, he reaised one of the shrapei’s i still have ,i rather lose a dog to death witch is very pain full as well,but not to know what happend or how they are, is worse ,i feel for you life is a big lesson, but we learn ! i just pray you will find Tanszing soon ,,hope you don’t blame yourself , you just didn’t know ,i wish the best of luck in finding Tenszing ,don’t give up,

    • Martina, the purpose of Tenzings blog is to:
      #1 locate Tenzing or find out what has happen to him.
      #2 make sure he IS NOT in an environment that neglects his breed specific needs or is abusive in anyway, and if he is I’d like the opportunity to bring him home.
      #3 perhaps the most important purpose, is to serve as support for anyone in the process of re-homing their beloved companion. With the intention and hope to prevent others from making the mistakes I did. My deepest hope is that maybe, just maybe, (~) and (~) family will open their hearts to compassion, consider the effects of their actions and inspire others to do the same.
      I appreciate the passion in your advise and suggestions and I’m grateful for your support and kind words. What I’d like you to consider is this:
      If I were to create the situation you suggest, I would dishonor Tenzing, myself, (~) and (~) family. What possible benefit could that bring to the current situation, isn’t it painful enough already?
      I’d like this to become a positive and joyful experience for everyone, regardless of the outcome. Wouldn’t you?

  3. lisa says:

    There are so many people who are happy to make a few dollars from someone elses’ heartache–take advantage of it! I would suggest the following: post a small reward via Craigslist in every major surrounding city. Check with breeders if possible–a current rabies tag/city registration for a dog of this breed-same for all animal control intake locations-good likelihood his name wasn’t changed so someone might recognize a new dog in their neighborhood, etc. There is so much free public information you can obtain from court/public records about (~) and any current/former pets (~) previously had–who was (~) vet? wishing you the best of luck in your search!

  4. Abigbadwolf says:

    Hello I am sorry to hear your story for your dog’s sake, but What the f*** you take a dog, you take a dog for life not just until you decide you want to move….. I have raised hybrids and this is more true with them than any dog… they are brighter and more loyal and unfortunately bond so strongly with their alpha…that they would never be the same .
    I hope you find the the animal for his sake…… But why don’t you never get another animal after that.

  5. Ai says:

    I am sorry for what has happened, I live in Portland, OR but if I do ever see him in this area by any chance, I’ll be sure to contact you. He is a beautiful dog with alert eyes, I hope you’ll be reunited with him soon.

  6. Ashley says:

    I am sorry that you can’t find your dog. The same thing happened to my friend. Her dad made her re-home him and she thought she had found the best lady. She told my friend that she could visit him whenever she wanted and she never got to see him again. She called the lady once to just ask how he was doing and the lady yelled at my friend and told her to not call again. This was about three years ago and she still talks about him. I hope you find your dog. I will pray that you do 🙂

  7. Kris says:

    Hello, I am from the Eugene/Springfield area and I will as well keep my eye out for him. He is a beautiful dog & I’m sure that as long as you don’t give up hope you will find him. May the people who have mistreated your trust & honesty get their comeuppance. I pray they never are able to have the warmth of a dog ever again, nor the friendship of one. My sincerest wishes to you and Tenzing N. Good luck and God Speed!

    • Kris, I do appreciate your encouragement and concern but it’s important to me that you understand I wish (~) and (~) parents no ill will. It is my deepest wish that somehow in this process of finding Tenzing, (~) and (~) parents discover the compassion in their hearts and never treat anyone this way again. I too wish you good luck and many blessings.

  8. Michelle says:

    Im very sorry to hear of your situation. Iwill also keep my eyes peeled for him, He is a beautiful dog and i certainly would have taken him in our home for sure to live as part of our family, Forever! Have you contacted all the shelters? I wish you the best of luck!

  9. Jesseca says:

    I live in (~) and will keep my eyes open for him.. He’s a beautiful animal and with as much as I love dogs, he will stand out to me if I see him….

  10. J says:

    Was he microchipped?

  11. Connie Taylor says:

    I feel your pain so much! The other clue to pay attention to would have been (~)
    area…..Lots of backyard breeders, breeding for money….was your dog fixed??? I think you should quickly hire a private investigator to locate the dog and take pictures and let you know of the location. (~) is a huge area with lots of secrets…you need help and you need to to it right away before this dog leaves this area. I wish I could help you, and I will try my best but keep looking…..also, (~)

    • Thank you Connie. Tenzing was neutered when he was 6 months old. I don’t have the funds to hire a PI, maybe I should set up a paypal thing-e or maybe send out some emails to PI in the (~) – (~) area. I’d like to know what you me by the (~) area having lots of secrets, I’m not familiar with the area at all.

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