Last night while I was searching the stars I danced for the first time in a long time, granted I was alone but I felt a little taller, a little stronger and I realized pursuing Tenzing Norgay just might be as much about finding myself, finding my voice as it is about finding Tenzing . . .

This started me thinking about why I considered giving up Tenzing in the first place and what came up for me was a simple lack of confidence in myself, it really is just that simple.

Tenzing was such a great teacher, I learned more from him in the seven months we shared than I can imagine expressing here but maybe I should.  Maybe that’s the key to finding Tenzing.  The more you know about Tenzing  the more you’ll understand why I’m writing this Blog, why I’m pursuing Tenzing Norgay.

Yesterday an Animal Control Officer from ( ~ ) left a message on my voicemail, he said he was calling me regarding the e-mail he received about Tenzing.  He’d already gone for the day (the holiday weekend really) so I left a message on his voicemail. I hope it’s good news – gotta stay positive.

Many Blessings for the New Year and if you’re considering giving up your friend  just give it some time, I know there are circumstances that seem impossible but just give it some time and if you make the decision to find a new home for your friend please learn from my mistakes.  Go to their home – get phone numbers, photos, references and what ever else you feel in your heart will assure you, your friend is HOME.

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Just an Earthling living the ultimate sixty seconds of life ...
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One Response to Confidence

  1. Tracie says:

    Hello, there is a wolf/shepard dog ..who looks much like yours..who wandered onto a farm in (~)..They call him jack and it sounds as if they have him at a temporary foster home in seattle..I found the ad on craigslist when I was looking for a puppy as our baby passed and our home is so vacant without her spirit. keep looking I know you will find him…if the dog I saw on craigslist was him he is searching for you…

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