Compassion, always compassion.

To the person that arranged Tenzing Norgays adoption,

Please try to understand all I’m asking of you is to open your heart to compassion.  You are the only people I know that have any information about Tenzing Norgay, where he is or how he’s doing.

In the email you sent me 12/29/2010 (thank you for contacting me) you said Tenzing was no longer with your mother and you’d forward my number.  Did you mean you’d forward my number to your mother or to someone else?  Is Tenzing with a new family somewhere?

You also said in your e-mail Tenzing is not and never was your dog, I’m asking you to listen to the truth in that statement . . .

If you still have the photos you took of Tenzing and me the day of the adoption, I would be eternally grateful to you if you would e-mail them to me again.  The slide show you created with those photos and posted on Slide is no longer available. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to download it when it was available back in May 2010.

One last thing which is very important to me, please try to understand I harbor no ill will towards you or your family. I’m simply listening to my heart and asking you to do the same.  We all make mistakes, perhaps we both have something to learn from Tenzing Norgay . . .

May you and your family be blessed with joy and compassion for the New Year and beyond.


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Just an Earthling living the ultimate sixty seconds of life ...
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