Flipping Mad

The dictionary on my iMac includes the following definitions for flipping:

turn over or cause to turn over, move, push, throw or toss something with a sudden sharp movement, buy and sell property quickly and profitably using fraudulent methods or scheme.

Yesterday I added a new definition to my vocabulary; people who misrepresent themselves and their motives in the process of obtaining a dog from an individual or family – only to turn around and sell the dog for profit, aka Flipping Dogs or Dog-Flipper.

My mother used to tell me “wanting something to be true doesn’t make it true” oh how right you are, Mama.  I am literally in a mild state of shock from reading the information and watching the videos available online pertaining to Dog-Flippers and the Flipping of Dogs.  Until yesterday I was completely unaware of this phenomenon, that it existed in the community of animal adoption and rescue or how prevalent it has become on Craigslist.

I’ve been posting ads on Craigslist about Tenzing because I know if more people see his photos and read his story my chances of finding him increase exponentially. Yesterday morning I included information in my post about the potential abuse in re-homing dogs. I did not use the term Flipping or Dog Flipper because I hadn’t learned the vernacular.  I couldn’t understand why the posts were repeatedly flagged until I received an email from a compassionate woman explaining that the person I had re-homed Tenzing to was probably a Dog-Flipper.

What to do?  For a start I’d like the Cyber-Gods at Craigslist to consider this:

Completely remove the ‘Pets‘ category from the Community section of Craigslist and don’t allow financial rewards to be included in posts for lost or found animals. It is absolutely impossible to reduce or eliminate the potential abuse of the ‘Pets’ category by Dog-Flippers and by continuing to maintain this service you provide a platform for the abuse to continue. Members of the Craigslist Community can utilize the ‘Lost and Found’ category to assist each other when their beloved companions have gone astray.  There is a vast network of organizations available to assist in pet adoption, rescue and re-homing that can monitor the welfare of the animal involved which is not a service Craigslist is capable of providing its community as is made clear in the Terms of Use agreement when posting, which may provide Craigslist with protection from any legal ramifications, however, it does not diminish the ethical deficit which now exists in the Craigslist Community and it’s administrators.

I know I’m going to upset quite a few people with this suggestion and my opinions regarding Craigslists responsibility for its content and usage may not be shared by anyone other than myself.  I’m sure there are many people reading this Blog that will assume I used Craigslist in re-homing Tenzing and I’m lashing out at Craigslist because my posts were flagged instead of taking responsibility for my mistake.  Just for the sake of clarity – I did not use Craigslist in any way shape or form while seeking a new home for Tenzing and I don’t give a flip about flagged posts on Craigslist.

I hope there are thousands of successful adoptions taking place on Craigslist but I ask you this, is it worth the potential risk to expose an untold population of Dogs that have no representation and no voice to the abuse of a Dog-Flipper?  Perhaps it’s time to organize, maybe create a National Dog-Flipper Registry Web-Site, we register Sex-Offenders why not Dog-Flippers, it’s the least we can do for Man’s Best Friend . . .

Have you seen Tenzing Norgay? I haven’t, and by the way, yes I’m flipping mad but I’m not rolling over . . .

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4 Responses to Flipping Mad

  1. Shari says:

    It seems that you made a mistake giving up your dog and came to regret it, something that probably happens all too often. I understand your desire to find out what happened to him, and anger at people who just won’t be honest with you. You may never find out what happened. But by pursuing (~) with such fervor, you have only succeeded in convincing (~) and (~) friends/family that you are someone completely over the top who must be avoided. You may come to accept that you are left with a lesson not to give up something that is valuable to you that easily. Also a good lesson for the hundreds out there giving up their pets everyday.Best wishes to you.

    • Shari, your wisdom and gentle advice is deeply appreciated.
      I did not let go of Tenzing Norgay easily, it was a very difficult decision, one of the most difficult I’ve made. The verbal agreement between (~) and me played a huge role in my decision making process to re-home him to (~) and (~) family.
      Had (~) refused to agree to the terms we discussed the adoption simply never would have happen, I would’nt have allowed (~) and (~) family to take Tenzing Norgay home. (~) and (~) family reneged on every aspect of our verbal agreement.

  2. Truth says:

    He is dead. He jumped the gate ran into the road and was hit by A F250 diesel and killed instantly. Nobody wanted to tell you because they didnt want to hurt your feelings, (as if you care about anybody elses). It was A VERY unfortunate accident, nothing more nothing less. There was never ANY intent to “puppy flip” him.
    Then you start this slander and lies on the people that were trying to help.

    You have ALLOT of nerve calling yourself A buddist with lies and slander. Your more of A buddistacrit.

    Good luck with the “puppy flipping”

  3. scm15010 says:

    Its not just flippers you need to be aware of on Craigslist/shelters/rescues its also all the fighters who love free dogs to be used as bait dogs. I crosspost to rescues dogs on deathrow and see some really horrible things and the south is the absolute worse place for dogs. I try and tell people you need to keep your pet, even homeless hobos are able to share their food with their best friend. Once a dog leaves their original home it is like a spiral into hell for so many of these dogs. There are few people out there who will love that dog like you do if raised from pup stage, not to mention the depression we see with abandoned dogs and shelters are killing like crazy… its not a good world out there for dogs or cats.

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