Possession as nine-tenths of the law.

Because I have reason to believe the people involved in Tenzings adoption are aware of this Blog and read it often I’m posting this request here with the intention and hope that after reading this they will simply answer the question, where is Tenzing Norgay?

Because of the verbal agreement between myself and the people who adopted Tenzing, I believe I have a right to request the following information:

#1 Name address and phone number for the last known person to be in possession of Tenzing Norgay.

#2 If Tenzing Norgay strayed from your possession or that of a family member or from the last known person to be in possession of him, the date, time and location of his disappearance.

#3 If Tenzing Norgay is no longer living, the cause of his death, the date which he died and the location in which you disposed of his body.

I would like to believe we are all compassionate beings free of malice however, this process (more accurately Tenzing) has taught me while we all have the capacity for compassion, it is by choice that we become compassionate. It’s somewhat comical this lesson comes to me from the teachings of a hybrid Wolf.

Pursuing Tenzing Norgay is about preventing this type of experience from happening to others, especially those without representation, without a voice the ones with fur, the ones that suffer most.

Once again I will state I harbor no ill will towards the people who adopted Tenzing Norgay, what’s done is done.  It is my deepest hope that they create a space for healing in their hearts and open themselves to compassion.


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Just an Earthling living the ultimate sixty seconds of life ...
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