Truth comment

Please read the comment  – Truth – on the Flipping Mad post . . .

I have no idea who left this comment, I did send an email requesting their name and how it is they have this information.  I really don’t understand why someone would withhold this information for 8 months and I don’t understand how withholding it somehow prevents my feelings from being hurt.

To whoever left this comment:  By withholding your name, contact information and where you obtained this ‘truth’ that Tenzing Norgay is dead and how he died, you give me no reason to believe your ‘truth.  What I do have reason to believe is this:

Your comment is insensitive, inconsiderate and spiteful.

Is this comment from the people who adopted Tenzing? I think its reasonable to believe it is. Should I believe the comment is true, that Tenzing Norgay is dead?  Does it make sense these people would withhold this information for 8 months?

What do you think?


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