The Relativity of Reality

The anonymous commenter who submitted “In defense & the REAL STORY…..” on the Where is Tenzing Norgay page has misrepresented (I’m being diplomatic here) the facts in what is perhaps best referred to as the collective reality of the real story.

The anonymous commenter states “they cannot respond even if (~) wanted to pending the restraining order currently in place”.

That’s a pretty serious accusation in my book so I contacted (~) County District and Superior Courts today and there are no records of a Harassment or Restraining Order filed or in place against me. I also contacted the (~) County District Court (the clerk there informed me it was unnecessary to contact Superior Court) and there are no records of a Harassment or Restraining order filed or in place against me.

Perhaps the anonymous commenter is misinformed.

The anonymous commenter states “(~) not responding because (~) has already told this person what has happen, and does not believe (~), Why??? I don’t know, short of digging up the dogs corpse… Which is disturbing”.

(~) nor any of (~) family members have at anytime informed me of Tenzing Norgays death.

Perhaps the anonymous commenter is misinformed.

Today I spoke with the (~) County Animal Control Officer of record in this case who informed me that at no time during any communication with (~) was Tenzing Norgays death mentioned, we had the dog for a few days in the summer and he took off is all that was said.

Perhaps the anonymous commenter is misinformed.

It seems (~) and (~) family refrain from informing any Law Enforcement Officials of Tenzing Norgays death.  It could be that giving that information to a legal authority would necessitate verification. I don’t know, we shall see.

The anonymous commenter stated “(~) has 100’s of hour of Volunteer Work at the Humane Society, where I met(~)”.

I spoke with an official at the (~) County Animal Shelter/Humane Society today and they have no record of (~) as a volunteer. I asked if there was any other Animal Shelter or Humane Society in (~) County and was told, were it.

Perhaps the anonymous commenter is misinformed.

Pursuing Tenzing Norgay is about more than my wish to assure Tenzings safety or know what has become of him.  Pursuing Tenzing Norgay is about how we define our relationship with those most dependent upon our benevolence, those without a voice, those whose rights we establish by virtue of our humanity, those commonly called Dogs aka ‘mans best friend’.


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2 Responses to The Relativity of Reality

  1. Michael says:

    I’m late to this story. But I feel your pain and am so sorry that this happened. Your mistake was just being too trusting that others had good intentions. I wouldn’t blame yourself… I don’t think the dog is dead; I think he was sold by an unethical “dog flipper.”
    But the denier/enabler who responded on these pages with so much illiterate venom has no idea of legal practices. An oral contract is enforceable. I would suggest that you contact a lawyer and file a civil suit. In the course of discovery, the dog’s location would have to be revealed. Good luck and please post again so we can know the rest of the story.

  2. Diane Lovejoy says:

    I am so sorry to read this whole story. I truly feel for your situation. Tenzing is a beautiful dog and you obviously love him. I have dealt with a couple of people who sound a lot like this (~). I’m sure most people do at some point who are looking for help and don’t know all the right stuff to do, and/or are hurting. Unfortunately, we often learn our strongest lessons under the worst of circumstances! You are doing your part in uncovering facts very well. Keep it simple, maintain whatever is legal in the way you pursue this, and document everything as you have been doing. People like (~) create a lot of drama in their lives and others’ – and (~) had/has no intention of communicating with you responsibly. At the very least, you could turn this into a blog/website for people to also learn what are the most comprehensive steps to take to ensure a rehome/sale/adoption is as clarified and documented as possible. Don’t beat yourself up, just take this and teach others. Speaking to professional breeders and long time rescue groups are a good resource for that. Believe me, they know.

    And while you are pursuing your mission – do your best to not let it consume you! There is a point where this may need to be separated out as part of what you do, not everything – for your own health! Sometimes it’s a good personal friend who can see that best, and who can help us be aware of the forest for the trees! 🙂 God Bless you!

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