Namaste Mr. Norgay

It is my heartfelt wish and true intention that this Blog engender insight into the way we define our relationship with all species and inspires us to honor our responsibility to protect and provide for those most dependent upon our benevolence.

Tenzing Norgay is a Spirit of compassion and loyalty mixed with a playful mischievous wonder for all things and I intend to honor his Spirit here.

Beloved Tenzing Norgay,

Almost ten months have passed since I’ve seen you and what I’ve learned about the human animal relationship has become a precious and invaluable lesson for which I will always be eternally grateful. You are a masterful teacher and I am forever your faithful student.

The mistakes I made and the suffering you experienced because of them, are rooted in a lack of faith and confidence in my own true nature and misplaced trust. I see now, how you tried to show me this deficit within myself each and every day we were together.

I don’t know what else to do Tenzing, I’ve tried everything I can think of to find out where you are and still no definitive answers are available because the people I mistakenly trusted to care for you simply refuse to be forthcoming.

I do know this journey, this pursuit of you has motivated a few people to consider the precious nature of the relationship between human and animal and it is your life that has made this possible, the value of your life is immeasurable.

I pray everyday that you are safe, loved and joyful wherever you are.  I pray everyday that I will someday feel your silky soft fur beneath my hand and watch you romp through the forest like the Wolf that you are.

If you’ve left your physical form then I will take refuge in knowing this:

Your Spirit, the essence of you is now part of this paradox of life

A mixing of elements with no rational explanation

The alchemy of love and the pursuit of happiness

The breath of life.

I love you Tenzing Norgay, in my most imperfect and humble way.



About TL Angel

Just an Earthling living the ultimate sixty seconds of life ...
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