Tenzing Norgay is a Wolf-Hybrid I raised for 7 months.  He was born on August 1, 2009 in Yreka, California so today (01-02-0211) he is 1 year 5 months and 1 day old.  I imagine his coat has become less black with more of the silver and taupe colors coming through. He most likely weighs close to 120 lbs and has become much broader in his chest and shoulders.

He is very curious, intelligent and learns quick.  Very much an athlete he requires a substantial amount of daily exercise and play-time.  Tenzing loves other dogs and socializes very well.  He knows the basic commands sit, stay, down (as in lie down) off, (as in not jumping up on people) heal and leave it (as in don’t touch).  Tenzing is very well-behaved on leash and does not pull or tug.

Tenzing is not a barker, if he is barking it’s because he is uncomfortable in some way.  He does not like to be left alone for very long and will bark or howl when he’s had enough alone time.  During the 7 months we shared we never spent a night away from each other. I had neighbors that ‘baby-sat’ for me when I was away for more than an hour, this might seem strange but because of his breeding it’s important to understand that alone time is always a punishment not something that becomes normal.

His nutritional requirements are different than most dogs. I fed him a combination of raw meat and kibble.  He did best with a rotation of Solid Gold Dog Food; Taste of the Wild Pet Food and Blue Buffalo Dog Food.   I also used their canned products mixing in just a little bit because well,  I’m a softy.  He loves – loves – loves popcorn, if he hears the beeping sound of a microwave he’s right there waiting in a perfect sit.  He also enjoys apples and broccoli and carrots along with many other vegetables, really it’s true.  I would say his favorite treat is bacon, the girls at the Shady Cove 76 can attest to that, it’s all about the bacon.

He is comfortable and calm ridding in vehicles,  – I NEVER PUT HIM IN THE BED OF A TRUCK WITHOUT A CANOPY – all I need to say here is inertia and external force.

Tenzing was socialized with many people and in many environments.  He didn’t have much time with infants and toddlers, however, the times that he was in their company he was gentle and patient with them.

As of May 2010 Tenzing was up to date with all vaccinations including Distemper, Parvo, and Rabies as well as monthly Heart Worm medication. He was licensed in Jackson County Oregon on 24th of February 2010 license #43055.  He was neutered on 26th of February 2010.

The page ‘Where is Tenzing Norgay’ explains why I’m looking for him and created this Blog.


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  1. In the 70s I raised coyote pup for about eight months until she went off to run with the wild ones. But she did come back to visit twice over the next year. She would come up and set on the grass in front of the porch and I would come out and we would just set & look at each other. It was very rewarding.

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