Rehoming Advice

The reasons why you may be considering rehoming a companion are entirely your affair, nobody’s business but your own.

I hope your consider this:

A written contract between you and the adoptive party stating your companions rights to be provided for in a humane environment. Basically a description of how you expect your companion to be cared for and your right to verify this.

Request multiple references and verify them. I think the best reference may be the Veterinarian the potential adoptive party uses or has used in the past.

Request a home inspection. Perhaps the most important aspect of rehoming your companion to a loving family/person is the home inspection. Our environments are reflections of ourselves and the way a person lives will reflect the way they will care for your companion. I know a lot of people express concern about strangers coming to their home and I understand the reasons behind these concerns, however, I respectfully disagree.

I also recommend taking a photograph of you, your companion and their new family with the signed contract displayed.

I expect a lot of people will disagree with this advice but I ask you to consider this:

Would anyone with the intention to abuse – flip – or otherwise harm your companion ever agree to these requests? I don’t think so. The long term welfare of your companion is at stake so a little inconvenience really needn’t matter that much.


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