Tenzings’ Twin

Because of the comments left on January 22 and 23 2011 proclaiming Tenzing Norgay as dead, I find it necessary to investigate this possibility further. The photo of Tenzings Twin can be seen on his Facebook page, select Tenzing on Facebook in the Blogroll then select photos on his Facebook page.

On January 11 2010 I received a response email from an ad I’d placed in the lost and found section of the Seattle WA Craigslist the subject line read “isn’t this your dog”. The body of the email simply contained a link to another Craigslist post.

Oddly enough this link took me to an ad directly below the one I’d placed for Tenzing, it read ‘Lost German Shepherd – Walker’.  The similarities between Walkers photo and Tenzing are uncanny. Try to imagine Tenzing 8 months older with a radical change in nutrition missing his daily brushing and laying on top of a tool box in the bed of a pick-up truck in the parking lot of a Best Western Motel somewhere near Lake Forest Park, WA and you’ll see Tenzing Norgay.

There was a phone number in the ad so I took a deep breath and called.  The conversation was rather awkward, how do you explain you think someone’s lost dog is your lost dog and I was uncertain what information I should give or what questions I should ask but I muddled through. The gentleman I spoke with was obviously uncomfortable after I explained Tenzings situation and rather vague about Walkers age or how Walker came into his world, however, he was certain his Walker was not my Tenzing Norgay.

I asked if it would be OK to send him and email with his photo of Walker and one of Tenzing side by side so he could compare them along with a link to Tenzings Craigslist post and Blog, he said sure.  Within an hour I received an email from him. He wanted to let me know Walker had come home, he said he wasn’t gone too long but enough to cause concern and that he got Walker from a breeder in Texas. He wished me luck in finding my “gorgeous dog”.

I’m looking at the photo now and I’m struggling to accept it’s not Tenzing Norgay.

If Walker is Tenzing Norgay by another name than I will find comfort in knowing that he’s with people who care enough to search for him if he strays from home and offer a $500 reward, no questions asked because as they wrote in their Craigslist ad, “This dog means everything to me and my girlfriend”.  Love has many faces and there’s always a silver lining to every cloud.


4 Responses to Tenzings’ Twin

  1. pam says:

    it appears the link to facebook is no longer available

  2. denaghlynn@sbcglobal.net says:

    I can’t find Tenzing on Facebook..nor anything called a blog roll… I have been searching..

  3. Charlie says:

    Looks like I’m the only one to answer your question so far. I voted no because the front leg stockings do not match.

    I can understand your heartbreak, regret, and guilty feelings about your effort to rehome your dog. Your extensive blog speaks louder than any words you write or say. It sounds as if you are having difficulty in emotionally resolving what happened, and I just want to offer a few words which you can take or leave as you decide. By your sign-off “Namaste” I am guessing that you have some spiritual beliefs. Not knowing what they are for sure, I can’t address them specifically, however I can share some of my own. I do “know” that we have a Creator, the Infinite, and that we are not here by co-incidence. Our Source has created us as Soul/Body to experience this Life in order to learn lessons. Therefore, the Infinite gives us free choice for the most part, so that we may learn. We are not perfect, but working toward getting wiser and better. We make mistakes, sometimes intentional, sometimes not. The main thing is to learn from our mistakes and become a better Soul/Body. So, you made a mistake in how you rehomed your beloved pet, who depended on you for his well-being. You obviously realize your mistake, wishing you’d done it differently, and would do it differently if you could do it over again. You can express this regret to the Infinite and be understood. Then try your best not to make that, or a similar, mistake again. You can’t change the past, but you can let it go. Learn, and move on. Communicate to the Infinite, however you understand doing that, how you regret what happened and what you wish for your dog now. Ask the Infinite to protect your dog now and in the future. The Infinite will understand and honor your sincere, caring heart. Really. Shalom, my friend.

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