Where is Tenzing Norgay

Tenzing Norgay is a Wolf-Hybrid I raised for 7 months.  He was 8 weeks old when I adopted him from a breeder in Yreka California. Unfortunately, I made the decision to re-home him on May 9 2010, Mothers Day.  I had a verbal agreement with his new family that if for any reason, ‘things’ didn’t work out they would contact me immediately and I would come pick him up.  They assured me they would provide him with a ‘forever home‘ and not to worry.

Well, ‘things’ didn’t work out . . .  ‘things’ became rather complicated.  I made a mistake, an error in judgement which I’d like the opportunity to rectify and why this Blog exists.

In April of 2010 I was planning to move from my home in Shady Cove, Oregon to Portland, Oregon.  I thought it would be best for Tenzing if I found him a new home in a rural environment with ample outdoor space to romp and roam.  Maybe with another dog as a playmate and a family that would appreciate his very special and loving spirit.  I emailed some photos of him to a dear friend in Portland and she helped spread the word.

In May of 2010, I received a phone call from a woman who told me she lived in Washington, raised Goldendoodles and placed dogs in ‘forever homes’.  She said she understood the emotional difficulties in re-homing a dog and knew a woman who might want Tenzing but if this woman didn’t, she was certain her parents would.  She told me her parents lived close to Livingston Mountain with two dogs, a Lab and a German Shepherd mix.  They had a few acres of forested land with a fenced area for the dogs and were looking for another dog because the German Shepherd mix was very old, too old to play with the 2-year-old Lab. Her father, drove a semi-truck and was away from home quite often. Her mother is a nurse and really enjoyed having the dog’s around for company.  It sounded like paradise.

MISTAKE #1:  I assumed the woman who contacted me was acquainted with my friend in Portland, wrong.

It was a coworker that knew or was related to the woman who contacted me, my friend had no association with her. This coworker had passed along the photos of Tenzing to this woman who then asked the coworker to get my contact information from my friend.

MISTAKE #2: I doubted myself.

Against my better judgment I trusted this woman’s advice that “it would be best for everyone especially Tenzing” to meet her and her parents at the an Off-Leash Dog Park in Vancouver, Washington. She explained in all of her experiences in re-homing dogs it would be best for Tenzing to meet his new canine companions in neutral territory which would also allow us to see how well they’d get along.  I could get to know her and her parents and if it seemed like a good fit the adoption could take place there.  She told me it works best if while the dogs are playing and distracted the person giving up their dog (that would be me) simply walks away leaving their dog with the new family.

As I write this I feel like a complete idiot for thinking this was anything more than abandonment.  Perhaps it was the 300 mile drive from my home in southern Oregon, the thought of loosing my best friend or the veritable cornucopia of other stress in my life at the time.  Maybe it was the guilt of knowing I was failing Tenzing, that’s probably closer to the truth but the bottom line is I made a mistake, a huge mistake and it appears Tenzing may have suffered because of my mistake.

Part of the verbal adoption agreement was that I would be able to visit Tenzing within one month to make sure he had acclimated to his new home. My plan was to be living in Portland within the month so checking in on him would be an easy 1 hour drive at most. Plans don’t always come to fruition . . . I didn’t move to Portland, but I did call this woman about 2 weeks after the adoption to let her know I would be in Portland at the end of the month for 10 days and I wanted to make arrangements to visit Tenzing.

MISTAKE #3:  I didn’t get the address or phone number of her parents – Tenzings new home – and I didn’t have a formal pet adoption contract, in writing.

She said she’d call her parents and get back to me.  I asked for their phone number and she said she’d better check with them first. That’s when I knew something was wrong, very wrong.  She called me within a few minutes and explained her mother said she was afraid this was going to happen and it would be unhealthy for Tenzing to see me, he needed to accept his new family.  The remainder of the conversation was rather unpleasant and I realized in that moment, I had no recourse . . . what had I done?

I continued to send emails and phone messages to this woman simply requesting she let me know how Tenzing was doing.  I asked her to send me an email with a current photo of him and I tried to explain I wasn’t trying to take him away from her parents, all I wanted was to know he was well cared for, safe and loved. She didn’t return my calls or respond to my emails.

On Tuesday the 28th of December 2010, I decided to post a Lost and Found ad on Craigslist in the area where this woman’s parents lived and I emailed the sheriffs office in this area. Following their advice I phoned the Animal Control Agency for the area and spoke with a very helpful woman (Thank You) and discovered Hybrid-Wolf dogs are subject to regulation in the county and illegal within the city limits.

Once again I emailed this woman and left another phone message regarding the new information I had about Hybrid-Wolf regulations where her mother lives. Low and behold the next day I received an email from her in which she informed me Tenzing is no longer with her mother. She didn’t give me any information as to where he is or who he’s with or how he’s doing.  She did inform me She’d forwarded my number (to whom I have no idea) and my attempts at communicating with her are borderline stalking and she’d blocked my email and phone number.

My response, How dare you! I trusted you!  We made an agreement that if Tenzings forever home was not with your mother you or your mother would contact me first.  Why you choose not to honor your word is beyond me and something you’ll live have to with, every morning when you look in the mirror. I will find him and make sure he’s being cared for, loved and safe.  Please don’t treat anyone like this ever again.

Where is Tenzing Norgay?  Have you seen him?


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  1. pam says:

    I do not know any person involved in this situation and I do feel for you as far as your concern that the animal is ok and I hope that you find out that he is. Couple of things I did notice though. In the email from (~) friend I believe you misunderstood her comment. I don’t believe she was saying that (~) called you I believe what she was saying was she knew because (~) called her. Would have been nice if (~) had called you but (~) didn’t unfortunately. As far as if you did post a picture of (~) child that is very morally wrong and legally wrong. The child has absolutely nothing to do with the situation and it is illegally to post pictures of individuals without their permission and especially children without the parent’s permission. You also noted someone’s IP address and a map; legally you can be in big trouble for that as well and may be considered by a judge as stalking. I am only letting you know this so that if you do pursue further action you may want to rectify at least those things so that you are in the best possible situation legally. As far as any contract when a person re-homes a pet that should it not work out that person gets the animal back has always been unethical in my opinion however if the other person signs that contract then yes they are obligated. I do hope you find that the animal you re-homed is safe and in loving hands but I am not cetain it would be in the best interest of the animal if it is alive to come back to you as there was a reason you were re-homing in the first place. I do hope that (~) finds (~) in a place to do the right thing and send you an email with a picture of the animal or an email with the date, time and location of the animals demise. I do not believe you have the right to come visit if the new owners choose not to allow that as it is no longer your animal. I personally have been lucky enough and responsible enough that I have never had to re-home any of my animals. This includes during the time my fifteen year old son had to have heart surgery so even through rough times they are not a disposable priority for my family (they are my family). They are cherished family members and I would never re-home them just as I would never re-home my husband or children. Good luck to you and I hope and pray this animal is somewhere in a loving home enjoying life.

  2. Lydia says:

    I was so sad when I read our story. That is a beautiful dog. I had to rehome my dog, Lily, after my car accident over a year ago, but they did right and brought her right back to me when they found out their daughter had allergies. I gotta tell ya, that “twin”… down to the markings around his ears… its the same dog. I would also bet that “he’s dead” statement was made by that (~)… person. ( I can think of lots of other names to call (~).) I seriously hope you find your dog. He might be wondering where you are right now, too. Good luck. As far as that James guy, he doesn’t know your personal situation any more than I do so passing judgement in such a way was out of line. I am sure you regret the decisions you made and probably learned a great deal from them.That said, I hope Tenzing is alive and well running through feilds somewhere, safe and happy.

  3. joyce says:

    i read this story i hope you do find your dog. i have also rehomed a dog in the past and the “nice lady” who had lots of experience with that breed assured me she would contact me if it did not work out for any reason come to find out she turned around and sold the purebred papered chihuahua i trusted her with and when i asked about him she cussed me out wanted to fight me and told me not to look for him he is still papered with akc in my name thank god i didnt give her the papers but in this experience i have learned trust no one with a pet you are forced to re home do your home work and make them visit with the animal at their home and yours again good luck in locating your pet

  4. Destiny Starr says:

    I feel for you. I hope that you find him he needs to be back with his dad. When I lost my first hybrid because of an idot letting him be stolen I was very heart broken. It has taken me almost 9 yrs to get another one. I have 2 beautiful dogs now one is defiantely hybrid the other questionable but I wouldn’t trade them for anything. I hope that everything works out and you can find him…. If you need any help or moral support feel free to message me.

  5. Wolf at Heart says:


    I read this story and was greived immediately!!! I am so sorry for your loss! I do hope that you will find Tenzing! His twin is beautiful and I can only imagine Tenzing being more beautiful! I am a wolf lover and have been for many years, I have always wanted a part wolf, and I would NEVER have done this to you!! For this (~) person I did want to say that (~) is hiding behind the borderline “stalking” statement; remember the truth will always come out! I hope your gut is right and that he is alive and well. Please keep the bolog updated, as there are over 5,000 people on this journey with you ( I am included!) I want to encourage you to keep pressing forward, but also want to mention that you need to contact local law enforcement in other states, that border (~) and (~)… and contact rescue shelters in those areas as well. My thoughts and prayers are with you and I am sad for you… but I can tell you this…. Tenzing also know you are looking for him.. a wolf knows and so does his spirit… and your spirit is with him… trust in that love and kindredness!!!!

    I am also sorry for all the mean people that post on here, they have never been put in a position to give up a pet, its the hardest thing a person has to do!!

    Wolf at heart ❤ Be safe!

  6. Marilyn says:

    I’m so sorry for your loss,I will keep my eyes open for your boy!

  7. Ada Allbritton says:

    My heart really goes out to you. I have two large dogs and they are considered my children to think someone could be so mean and not let you know if the dog is really ok or dead is so wrong. But you know what goes around comes around and some day something will happen to (~) or (~) family for being so cruel. To the person defending this so called human being they are just as bad as (~) if not worse. The owner of the dog just wants to know hes being taken care of what is so wrong with that. Just send a picture or better yet let them just see for themselves that he is ok. Obviously (~) was a liar right from the get go she never intended to give the dog to her parents, the other person involved in this sceam is probably the one defending (~) so shame on both of you but like I said what goes around comes around and your times coming. And to James you are way off base sometimes circumstances force us to do things that we never thought we would do. Don’t try to play so prim and proper like you never did something that you later regretted. My dogs are my best friends I love them to death but if ever I was forced to have to get rid of them I also would want to see them and just know they are ok. And finally to the owner of the dog I’m really sorry this has happened to you and your beautiful dog. In todays society there are so many mean and cruel people they see the animals as animals only not as something precious that has a mind and heart that feels pain. Sorry about ranting but to me it sure sounds like (~) is a real mother and I mean real mother . Good luck in your search for your dog.

  8. Elizabeth Kelly says:

    There is no reason that (~) or (~) mother should not have given you back your dog immediately when the situation didn’t work out for them, other than they probably wanted to make money off of the poor dog. When you read (~) “friend’s” post, it is practically illiterate; the person needs to learn how to spell, proofread, and edit. I’m sure there is no restraining order or you would definitely know it; one cannot be put in place without the accused being served paperwork and attending a court hearing. We have all made mistakes (except for James, obviously) and I will keep praying that you find out what happened to your friend and hopefully can be reunited. At the very least, I understand your need for information so that you can have closure. Take care.

  9. Jesse says:

    Oh, this sucks! I’m sorry for what you’re going through. Have you tried contacting all the local area animal shelters and animal control agencies (~) county shelters and those in (~), Petfinder, Humane Societies, posting flyers on telephone polls? Is it possible Tenzing would know how to survive in the wild on his own, if he did indeed jump the fence and take off? He’s a beautiful dog. Looks like a big sable east German German Shepherd. If he’s part wolf as you say, he might have heard the call of the wild and be surviving that way. Good luck and I wish you success in your search!

  10. Sarah says:

    I don’t think you have any reason to feel guilty about giving up Tenzing. You are a human, he is an animal and yes, your life and your needs come first. Unlike people who leave dogs in dumpsters, you tried your very best to place him somewhere you thought he would be loved and appreciated. It’s easy for people to sit on their high horses and criticize your decision but only you know the circumstances that led to the re-homing. I hope you eventually find him and that he’s happy and healthy. Best of luck.

  11. Alicia says:

    I was so sad to read the comment by (~) so called friend which in my belief was probably (~) (~)self. The fact that Tenzing’s former owner was not only loving enough to check up on her dog to make sure the home was a right fit for both parties involved shows that she doesn’t have the characteristics that are described. “Borderline stalker”? Really? If (~) cared so much about animals and is such a good person (~) would have responded and kept (~) word in the first place rather then ignore her and freak her out to make her think something horrible has happened to her beloved dog. She thought she was doing the right thing by him to find him a new home. If communication was offered i doubt the “harassment” would have ever happened. I feel sorry for people like (~) and (~) “friend” that felt the need to hunt down your blog and leave a comment. I dont believe people that could be so heartless like that should be allowed to own animals let alone breed them. I have rehomed baby rabbits after my rabbit had a litter and it is very hard to rehome a loved pet and be able to trust in others to take care of and love them as much as you do especially with all the animal cruelty going on these days. I check up on my rabbits new families a week later and all have openly responded and when they say their new rabbits doing great i leave it at that which im sure she would have done if she got a response at all. What would have been the point to keep calling and emailing if you have an answer?

    My prayers go out to you and Tenzing. I hope you find him and i hope he is safe and sound. Good luck on your search.

  12. DTC says:

    I know the feeling. I rehomed a puppy to a friend (so called) who wanted a real dog.
    The dog would be loved and cared for just like I had. Well I make an unanounced visit 3 days later and found the dog in a 5×10 kennel with 8 other dogs. You got it right 9 dogs in a 5×10 kennel. Needless to say I ended up having to “buy” the dog back after
    pleading with him to do whats best for the dog. Yes…buy it back! A dog I “gave” him and his family. I couldn’t sleep until I got the dog back. Needless to say he’s no longer a friend. I am just thankful he only wanted $300.00 … I would have gone $1000.00.
    Good luck finding your dog….I seriously don’t know how people can sleep at night knowing they ripped someone off….and have lied.

  13. In defense & the REAL story..... says:

    I know (~) very well & for over 10 years. I have been going through this with (~) since the beginning, when (~) even asked me if I knew someone who would be interested in the dog. (~) does not derserve this slander, (~) is highly respected in the dog community. (~) is not responding because (~) has already told this person what has happened, and does not believe (~), why??? I don’t know, short of digging up the dogs corpse… Which is disturbing. (~) told me (~) has nothing to prove and is above this trash, (~) tried to help this person when she needed it & became the worst decision of (~) life in having to deal with her. The Sherriffs Dept. has advised (~) & (~) mother to immediatIey get restraining orders, and they cannot respond even if (~) wanted to pending the restraining order currently in place. They also have advised this person of this, I guess she believes she is above the law? The Sherrif also having met (~) & (~) Mother, and recieved the beligerent phone calls from her personally to the Sherrifs, they fully understood why for the saftey of (~) family to have no further contact. Having to now record everything so to have proof when legal action against her is needed. I have listened to her threatening voicemails & emails personally. If it were you… you also would have cut all ties with this crazy person. How would any of you feel if a crazy person posted pictures of your child… your child on a website illegally. This is an invasion of (~) privacy & I am disgusted by it. So I to know he was hit by a truck as (~) called me directly after (~) heard it happened. I to am anonymous because this person has been stalking, threatening, harrassing (~) whole family & (~) CHILDREN fo the past YEAR! (~) mother is cared of her, and has had to get extra security on her property. I do not want the same to come to my family. He is dead let him rest in peace. I will not repost, I just felt (~) needed a voice, even though (~) directly told me not to. So in short all these accusations are false… (~) has 100’s of hours of Volunteer Work at the Humane Society, where I met (~). (~) has worked as a vet tech, Apart of animal rights fundraisers. Donated puppies to therapy work ~ Autistic Children, People with MS, Seizures, Athsma, & even a mascot for a boys soccer league. & these are to name a few. I hope you realize their are two sides to every story, and this lady is very scary… I personally would never give my name to her, or want her to have any way to contact me.

    • In your comment you state ‘So I to know he was hit by a truck as (~) called me directly after (~) heard it happened’.
      That (~) didn’t call or email me directly after (~) heard it happened is the crux of this situation.
      The comment dated 1/22/11 (which was anonymous) on the Flipping Mad post is the only communication (other than your comment) I’ve received from anyone since May of 2010 indicating Tenzing Norgay was dead.

      (~) refused to provide me with any information regarding Tenzing from May of 2010 until 12/29/10 when I received an email from (~) at 9:31 pm in which the only information (~) discloses regarding Tenzing is Tenzing is no longer with my mom. (~) does not mention anything about his death.

      This communication from (~) was in response to an email I sent (~) and voicemail message I left for (~) on 12/29/10 regarding my concern for Tenzings welfare because I had been informed by (~) County Animal Control that wolf-hybrids were illegal within the (~) City limits and required a special wild animal license or permit in (~) County.

      On 1/7/11 a (~) County Animal Control officer phoned me regarding a conversation he had with (~) (~) and he said (~) told him I don’t have any dogs, I know nothing about Tenzing and I’ve never heard of her (me).

      (~) told the same (~) County Animal Control officer via a phone conversation on the same day (1/7/11) we only had him (Tenzing) 8 days. That same afternoon (~) told a (~) County Deputy Sheriff Tenzing is at my mothers home in (~).

      (~) and (~) family have not informed me of a restraining order currently in place nor has anyone from any law enforcement agency.
      I do not believe its “scary” to request a person keep their word when making agreements regarding the welfare of a beloved companion aka Dog.
      I have not left threatening voicemails for (~) or (~) family members.
      I have not sent threatening emails to (~) or her (~) members.
      I have only asked (~) to keep (~) word and honor the agreement we made.

    • Connie Taylor says:

      THis (~) person did not do this person any justice. Who cares if (~) daughter’s photo was shown!! If (~) was an animal lover, (~) would have done the right thing and kept in contact and at least let the former owner see the dog from a distance. When someone loves their animal, they just want to know it is being loved and is happy and that probably would have been that, but (~) and (~) parents have turned this into such a “ghetto” situation. I
      do not think this beautiful dog is dead. I think it’s just another low life way to try and make someone stop bugging them. Why don’t you just own up and talk to this person like a grown up and give them some peace of mind??!! (~) is respected??? (~) is a backyard breeder and a true low life.

    • Sondra Arrache says:


      I am very sorry that you had to learn all this the hard way. I have been formally “working” (ok, volunteering) in dog rescue for ten years with a non profit and have been a private rescuer all my life. Since I have this forum, I would like to add another dimension, although it will be very painful for you to read. Whenever I see anybody giving their dog away for free, I try to educate them on yet another aspect of this. It is highly possible that your dog got sold to dog fighting ring as a bait dog, or one of the other nefarious things that people sell animals to (I don’t name them b/c I don’t like to give ideas to the wrong people, but trust me, it is horrible stuff). People actually lurk on Craigslist and read the paper and pick up free animals for this purpose. NEVER, EVER just give your dog away for free and NEVER, EVER allow an adopter to decline a homecheck. You should also ask for references, such as a vet’s office and also ask them about how they are going to care for your dog (i.e., what kind of food, where will the animal be housed, etc.) Go and see for yourself where the dog will be living and pay very close attention to the state of the other animals in the home and also see how their children are cared for and how they interact. If somebody gets offended by your interview process, discard them immediately. They are up to no good. A caring person will understand that you need to know where the dog is living. If they are worried about you, a stranger, inspecting their home, ask them if they will concede to a home inspection from somebody from a verifiable non profit. I promise you that somebody from a non-profit will be willing to check things out from you. We are always swamped, so if the first non profit you contact is unable or unwilling, keep trying until you find a non profit that will. You WILL find somebody, I promise. I have personally stepped in multiple times to help an individual ascertain if an adoptive home is a good one or not.

      Thanks for the forum. My purpose is to educate so other people won’t fall prey to the evil people that take free animals and give them a fate worse than death.

      A side note about the person defending (~). IF, (~) was really involved in animal rescue, (~) would have had Tenzing’s owner sign an owner release form. ANYBODY that has been working in the rescue field knows to do this, to protect ourselves. (~) is clearly NOT a rescuer and did not handle the situation professionally. I smell a rat.

      Keep looking for your dog, but it doesn’t sound good to me. I’m sorry. Thanks for using your pain to educate other people. Please continue to do so. If you save even ONE ANIMAL from being misused by a criminal, your efforts are well worth it.

    • melissa says:

      It makes me sad to hear your story. I hope you are successfull in either finding Tenzing or coming to peace with the fact that you are a responsible dog owner and did the best you could with the circumstances you were dealing with. As for- In defense… what a joke. Since you have “known” (~) very well for the past 10 years, you must be familiar with what (~) does with the animals (~) “tries” to find new homes for. Although you claim (~) is highly respected in the community, perhaps your idea of what constitutes being well respected is skewed . It seems to me that a person who is well respected should have enough morals to know right from wrong. (~), taking a dog from someone who is dealing with difficult situations, playing on their emotions, leading them to think they are doing the right thing and then doing the exact opposite with their dog is not right. (~), you did not have good intentions. Great judgment letting a re-homed dog run loose to where they can get hit by a truck. If the dog did get hit, [which I seriously doubt}, why not face the fact that you made a terrible error in judgment and tell the owner that their dog was hit by a car and died? If you would just tell the truth, you wouldn’t have to make up lies and try to make yourself sound like a victim. Too bad your (~) is, “cared” of her. Extra security? Give me a break.. give the dog back, tell the truth and the, “scary lady” will quit calling you. Pretty simple isn’t it? Yes, this IS disgusting.
      As for you, JAMES, it sure is reassuring to know that there is someone out there that knows EVERYTHING! Maybe you know something the rest of us don’t, but in reading TN’s owner’s response below, it is clear that the dog owner is a female. Perhaps you should focus on your own, “balls” – wow. pathetic.

    • pam says:

      I hope all works out for everyone involved the big concern of this womans is knowing either that the animal is safe or no longer living. As a pet owner myself it would be common courtesy in the begining had (~) put a little effort into contacting this woman. That being said at this point I completely understand (~) position and hope to make that clear on this forum. It is clear by this woman’s refusal to remove any references, pictures, identifying information, etc… from this blog she could care less about a court case and is actually hoping for that since she can not afford to file her own. She appears to believe she would win and why I have no clue as she is engaging in illegal activity at this very moment by blatantly leaving the information up that (~) requested be removed.(~) will without a doubt when this case and I would encourage her to file. Defaming someone’s character is illegal. My heart goes out to this woman and the loss and guilt she is feeling for rehoming her dog and in the begining I would have said that (~) should just contact her. This woman’s illegal behaviour though, clearly indicates at this point(~) should just proceed in a legal arena. There is not a judge in the world that would agree with this type of unstable behavior, libel, slander and defamation. Especially from an individual that has no ownership of this animal as she rehomed it. I hope you or (~) see this reply and know that the law is on (~) side as it should be.

  14. Ingrid says:

    Ya know, James? Ya know what bothers me, I mean REALLY aggravates me? Mainly it’s pontificating, judgmental, uniformed, condescending blowhards who always seem to have the right answer for any problem in hindsight, while making gross assumptions about facts which are not known, and–more often than not–enjoy getting just a little nasty when they criticize others. Okay, then.

    I visited Tenzing’s photo page and was truly moved. The person that took those wonderful pictures of that beatiful animal loves the dog without a doubt. Circumstances do arise. My little girl got leukemia and I found myself literally living in a children’s hospital with her in isolation for over 8 months. Our beagle was fortunate enough to be temporarily and safely adopted out. Also, people lose their jobs and the choice is literally to feed the kids or pay the vet and pet supply bills. Family illness, depression, economics–or maybe a simple desire to give your beloved pet a better life running in the country with other dogs, if all you could offer was a cramped apartment–these are only a few of many reasons to re-home an animal
    which are valid, unavoidable and deserving of respect and assistance. Condescending rants are not productive.

    I think that what Tenzing’s former owner is trying to put out there is the reality that we all have to be more aware, helpful to eachother and vigilant. I liked the blog. I was on it because my little girl, who is thankfully in remission now :), found a kitten on our doorstep last night when it was freezing. I’m hoping to give the family a chance to find us with flyers and ads, and checking the lost animals listings myself, etc. Scanning the story, I appreciated the advice and the cautionary tale.

    We all do stupid things under stress, and to T’s owner I could say “definitely not your best decision-making, there, eh?” , but it is admirable that they are making the effort find the dog as well as help others avoid being victimized. Now, if I ever had to re-home my beagle again, I would definitely insist on a home visit beforehand.

    And I’ll keep an eye out for Tenzing for you. He’s gorgeous, uniquely marked and that might help you find him. Good Luck!

  15. Lisa Matson says:

    The same thing happened to me. I adopted out two horses. I made the adopters sign a contract to adopt two horses. My contract clearly stated the horses would be returned to me if the adopter could no longer care for them. He gave them away. I was able to speak to the woman he gave them to but when I asked to visit them, all communication stopped. I believe this woman sold the horses. I’ve been searching for them for years. It’s heart breaking. All the best to you.

  16. Mohammed says:

    The fact that someone would do this is absolutely disgusting. I really hope you are able to find your dog. People who steal others’ valuable pets should be locked away in prison.

  17. Beth says:

    Have you used Facebook to get his photo out there and ask for help?

    Check out “Oliver Alert” on FB. It is a great page with lots of viewers who will pass along and share his photo and information..

  18. Maureen Pratscher says:

    Don’t give up. I really mean that. We had a family in our are whose dog was stolen from right in front of their home. I was over one year before the dog was relocated with the original owner.
    Don’t give up.
    This is a theft.
    (~) manipulated you to give up your dog to (~).
    Talk to the authorities and see if any charges can not be brought against (~).
    Yes, I know you did it willingly but (~) made you believe that he was going to a loving family. When in fact (~) had no intention of doing so. Look (~) and (~) family up on Zaba Search and google them. I would follow her around. It’s not stalking if there are no threats and no personal contact.
    (~) took your dog with NO INTENTION of helping to re-home him!!!!!

    • james says:

      If Tenzing was your beloved companion, you wouldn’t have let him go. I would never give up any of my dogs, even if it meant being evicted and having to pay more rent in order to find a dog friendly.

      Mistake #1 should have read: I adopted a pet I couldn’t make a commitment to taking care of for the life of the dog.

      Give me a ******* break, you are a hypocrite and should be allowed to own a dog in the first place if you aren’t will to make a commitment to the dog for the life of the animal. You are the one who started the dog down the trail of “being a commodity.” I am sure you will delete this post immediately, but if you have the balls to leave it up, you should leave the dog alone because Tenzing probably has a home now where the owner will love the animal for its entire life, not for as long as it in convenient…

      • Thank you James, I do understand your perspective and I’m certain there a many people who agree with your opinion. In the future please refrain from using expletives in your comments on this blog.

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